Kitchen Crew

General Information

Bar Tartine
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Nov 23, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Role Summary:

Responsible for food preparation and production as per Bar Tartine standards and ticket time.

Duties Summary:

-Handles preparation tasks as per guidelines before rush hours
-Makes sure all stations are full with conforming ingredients
-Receives orders and starts production of items as per the station guidelines
-Moves items to other station as per the production line
-Presents as per Bar Tartine standards
-Prepares items in a timely manner
-Records all food production incidents/notes and reports it to the Kitchen Manager
-Monitors all production/expiry dates of items to prevent using expired ones
-Applies all guidelines for food safety and sanitation in food handling
-Controls products according to their shelf life
-Be aware of the product allergens Maintains food conditions to reduce wastage
-Produces correct orders upon customer requests with no mistakes
-Places items according to storage area, fridges, and freezers
-Uses proper storing matrix
-Applies stock guidelines (FIFO)
-Maintains the good condition of utensils/equipment used in the kitchen
-Informs the kitchen manager of any shortage in the stock

Knowledge, Technical Skills and Experience:
-Fluent in Arabic with Basic English knowledge.
-Preparing dough, cutting vegetables, meat and poultry, frying, and baking.
-General food knowledge.

Company Profile