Brand Manager

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Jan 30, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee



• Prepare annual business plans.
• Prepare seasonal buy budget
• Participate in setting sales targets for the brands
• Prepare OTB (planning Assortment, Product Mix)
• Meet with suppliers in order to negotiate cost prices, place seasonal orders, order stock, agree timescales and delivery dates, and complete the necessary paperwork
• Design the pricing strategy based on pre-defined markups and aligned with market study
• Approve on invoices, payments and shipments and order confirmations
• Follow-up brand performance through analytical reports
• Analyze weekly sales reports especially, Week to Date (WTD) and On Hand Stock levels from this year (TY) to last year (LY).
• Monitor and manage Stores and Brands profitability by driving full price sales
• Plan product ranges/themes and prepare sales and stock plans
• Undertake sales forecasting and monitoring of inventory levels
• Undertake stock transfers across locations based on sales reports and inputs from team members
• Conduct regular visits to the stores to control the quality of retail standards and gather sales team feedback on customers reactions to the relative goods
• Implement marketing, cross selling activities and media planning activities for advertising by coordinating with marketing and CRM Departments
• Undertake promotions across brands along with assistance from team members
• Undertake competition store visits on a regular basis and communicate all aspects of competition including traffic, product innovations and performance, floor moves, price value, etc
• Visit suppliers abroad and attend fashion fairs (for clothes, shoes & accessories) in order to follow-up on latest fashion trends and to gather a fashion culture.
• Provide inputs to team members for improving brand performance & undertaking brand rationalization/ evaluation
• Undertake problem solving activities related to team members
• Prepare feasibility studies for new flagship store opening
• Prepare a seasonal travel schedule and prepare related travel budget.

Job Qualifications:

• Minimum 3-4 years experience as brand manager
• Previous experience in Buying

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