Maintenance supervisor (Zahle/Bekaa)

General Information

Crown Flour Mills
Job Type:
Manufacturing/ Operations
Date Posted:
Jan 04, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


 Sets preventive maintenance schedules for all machines
 Helps perform preventive maintenance on to maintain system functioning and reliability
 Prioritizes ongoing corrective maintenance, allocates resources, performs the same as well as follows-up on proper implementation of team
 Standardizes diagnostic approaches for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance
 Controls and places orders of supplies, equipment and fuel related consumables as necessary in coordination with Purchasing Supervisor
 Monitors and controls costs in own area
 Devises contingency plans along with direct responsible to overcome possible machine and equipment shortages
 Ensures that machines are maintained as per required norms in order to sustain proper operations and mitigate the risk of dust explosion, and ensures strict abidance of team by same procedures
 Tracks recurring corrective maintenance issues and devises ways to mitigate reoccurrence in order to minimize unplanned downtime that may cause financial loss to the organization
 Applies and follows-up on the daily application of Food Safety related procedures and activities as per ISO and other applicable FSMS requirements.

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