Online Food Community Manager - Saudi Arabia

General Information

Job Type:
Arts/ Entertainment/ Publishing
Saudi Arabia
Date Posted:
Jan 04, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Description:
- You will be moderating content submitted by our users from Saudi Arabia
- You will engage with users on our platform,, and on social media.
- You will be involved in analyzing data from our users and sharing it with the team.
- You will be coordinating with fellow community managers from Cookpad's offices around the world, incl. Japan, Spain and the USA.

1. Native knowledge of Saudi society: you must have grown up in Saudi Arabia and been socially active in the Saudi local community
2. Passion for the local Saudi culture & community
3. Independent, proactive and able to work under pressure.
4. Minimum 2 years of Arabic web writing and editing is a plus
5. Experience with engaging users online as part of a platform or social media is a plus
6. Passionate about food: a good knowledge in cooking is a big plus.

1. Excellent English communication skills: oral and written
2. Very strong problem solving skills
3. Strong organization skills
4. Ability to effectively report back to management
5. Excellent analytical skills, and strong knowledge of excel is a plus

Company Profile

Cookpad Inc. (TSE 2193) is is a leading Japanese technology firm. We run the largest recipe sharing site in the world. Since its launch in 1997, Cookpad has attracted more than 1.95 million user-based recipes and 85 million unique users. Our mission is to make everyday cooking fun for people of all ages.

The Cookpad service is currently available in Japanese, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Indonesian, and Vietnamese and our headquarters are based in Tokyo with overseas offices located in Palo Alto- U.S., Alicante- Spain, Beirut- Lebanon, and Jakarta- Indonesia.
The Beirut office is located in Hamra. It comprises of a tightly knit group of people that work hard and expect great things from each other. We are currently expanding our online presence globally and are seeking candidates with a passion of sharing our mission to the global audience.