Sales Rep

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A.R.Jubaili & Co.
Job Type:
Date Posted:
Jan 11, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Plan and prioritize personal sales activities and customer/prospect contact towards achieving agreed business aims, including costs and sales - especially managing personal time and productivity.
• Plan and manage personal business portfolio/territory/business according to an agreed market development strategy.
• Manage product/service mix, pricing and margins according to agreed aims.
• Maintain and develop existing and new customers through appropriate propositions and ethical sales methods, and relevant internal liaison, to optimize quality of service, business growth, and customer satisfaction.
• Use customer and prospect contact activities tools and systems, and update relevant information held in these systems.
• Plan/carry out/support local marketing activities to agreed budgets and timescales, and integrate personal sales efforts with other organized marketing activities, eg., product launches, promotions, advertising, exhibitions and telemarketing.
• Respond to and follow up sales enquiries using appropriate methods.
• Monitor and report on market and competitor activities and provide relevant reports and information.
• Record, analyze, report and administer according to systems and requirements.
• Communicate, liaise, and negotiate internally and externally using appropriate methods to facilitate the development of profitable business and sustainable relationships.
• Attend and present at external customer meetings and internal meetings with other company functions necessary to perform duties and aid business development.
• Attend training and to develop relevant knowledge, techniques and skills.

• Acknowledge receipt of emails from clients and directly cater to them
• Replying and attending to Management request on the SAME DAY
• Call clients after sending quotations to make sure they received
• Followup with all departments on pending issues all the time; inspections, pricing, etc
• Set meetings with all potentials
• Send Sales stats on a daily Basis
• Send Daily reports with exact time frame
• Sales report log to be updated on a daily basis, not to work on the same issue twice without covering all priorities
• Preparing MOM after every meeting and setting a day on task manager to check them once a month
• Commission and target achievement reports at the end of each month
• Options/accessories/maintenance/spare part packages; go over the previous quotations and check
• F series the Jimco alternator to be offered as a priority
• Followup rate
• Never to leave with a pending task including quotations, have to always meet deadline and due dates on task manager
• To stay overtime every other day; still not staying,
• To always check and interact on task manager
• To put reminders and follow-ups on emails and outlook
• Department team shouldn’t all leave to lunch break together, You should abide by the switching program. If there’s no more training .
• Speed with work especially follow-up calls.
• Training on cold calls
• Accuracy with work especially with quotations and checking quotations; ALL quotations should be checked and parafed
• Quotations to be done in the afternoon
• Abide to summer shift Schedule & Procedures
• Abide to Dress code Procedures

Company Profile

A.R. Jubaili & Co. is currently one of the major suppliers of power generating sets in the Middle East and Africa since 1979. We can provide you with a reliable power source for your home, office or establishment, as we’re specialized in: Generating sets, soundproof enclosures, industrial equipment, control panels, spare parts, fuel tanks, water pumps, synchronizing panels and weighbridge scales.