Legal and NSSF Officer

General Information

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Job Type:
Human Resource
Date Posted:
Jan 12, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Prepare and follow up on the signature of all official employment papers for all new hired employees and all new leavers.
• Register joiners and leavers in the social security.
• File all official employment papers in the social security file for each and every employee.
• Make sure that all official documents are available and always updated whenever there’s a change in the employee’s family status (marriage, children, divorce, etc.).
• Prepare family allowance reports to be presented to the social security.
• Make sure that the entire paid family allowance amount is collected from the social security.
• Prepare the yearly social security income report.
• Follow up on all employees to sign the yearly social security report.
• Present the yearly social security report to the social security on time.
• File all social security documents in the designated files.
• Arrange to get all required legal documents for the company (social security clearance form, list of all the company’s current and previously employed names and commercial register number
• Collect all medical related papers (medicines, Doctors’ fees, lab fees, etc.) from all employees at the specified dates.
• Follow up on the employees to sign a medical form upon delivering their medical papers.
• Submit all employees’ medical related papers to the social security on time.
• Reimburse the medical related prices and the Doctors’ fees from the social security.
• Update regularly the list of joiners and leavers.
• Handle the answering of incoming calls regarding all social security issues.
Ministry of labor
• Register in the ministry of labor the company’s internal discipline, and the official schedule.
• Handle the signing of all warnings in the ministry of labor.
• Make sure that the warning is sent to the ministry of labor in the legal time frame
• File all warnings accordingly in the employees’ files.
• Prepare and update regularly a disciplinary report.
• Follow up on all expatriates to provide the HR department with their official documents.
• Arrange to get work permits for expatriates.
• Follow up on the renewal prior to the expiry date of the work permits and residencies for expatriates.
• File all expatriates’ official documents and legal papers in the appropriate files.

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