TV Monitoring – Team Leader

General Information

Media research
Job Type:
Date Posted:
Feb 22, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


- Graduate degree in Business (Management/MIS/Marketing)
-1 to 2 years experience
- Language: Arabic and English

- Daily delivery of the TV program, break and spot logs to the market at the agreed time
- Coordinate the work of up to 10 data entry staff
- Perform supervisory and leadership activities
- Support the TV Monitoring Manager in hiring and employee related decisions
- Suggest products and work process improvements
- Ensure the accuracy of the database and control the quality of its logs
- Decide when it is necessary to call a customer in case of doubts
- Responsible for the completion of allocated broadcast monitoring schedule daily, as well as additional assistance and workflow management tasks
- Create accurate and concise summaries of assigned broadcast content each day
- Recommend system, process and policy enhancements with the potential to improve efficiency
- Proofread own summaries to ensure they comply with the system of quality assurance
- Respond promptly to any queries raised regarding team performance
- Should be accurate, precise and reliable

Company Profile

We deliver a unique combination of consumer, retail and media data. We connect these through innovative technologies and data sciences, converting real-time analytics into informed decision-making. This means we turn big data into smart data, enabling our clients to improve their competitive edge.We turn research into business opportunities. We ask the right questions, and provide the right answers to enable the right actions for our clients.