Makeup artist- Dubai – 1300$ -2000$ + accommodation + commission

General Information

Job Type:
United Arab Emirates
Date Posted:
Nov 14, 2017
1300$-2000$ +accomodation+comm
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


 Apply makeup, cosmetics, mascara, eyelash, lip liner, eye liner, powder etc.
 Shape eyebrow, lip line, hair, and facial hair.
 Style hair in different looks/hairdressing.
 Sketch different looks for a character.
 Makeup for different events like weddings, dates, funerals, etc.
 Makeup for bride, bridesmaids, and family members.
 Makeup trial for bride.
 Special effects makeup using prosthetics, wigs, and other materials.
 Photograph final result for future reference.
 Buy cosmetics from vendors.
 Sell cosmetics to clients.
 Remove makeup from clothes.
 Remove makeup after performance/event.
 Give advice to clients about maintaining hygiene after applying/removing makeup.

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