Female Store Manager-Beirut

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Jun 16, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job details:
• Prepare and manage proper scheduling of team.
• Opens, closes and ensures locked and secure stores.
• Maintain a log for loyal customer.
• Help and advise the customer choose the right product.
• Communicate the info to his team.
• Define tasks to the team.
• His / Her team is organized and knows well his daily duties.
• Follow – up on sales targets.
• Solve customers’ and shop problems.
• Follow and ensure implementation of rules.
• Handle continuous stock control and efficient inventory preparations.
• Give feedback on new collections.
• Follow up on shop expenses
• Coordinates with the visual merchandiser to ensure impeccable shop floor coordination.
• Ensures proper store image.
• Is held liable for any losses or damages of the shop’s inventory

Supervision and management:
• Develop, motivate, coach and train the team and new comers.
• Schedule weekly / monthly meetings with team and do proper follow up.
• Schedule individual meetings with team members (2 ways communication).
• Role model for his team.
• Brainstorm solutions to problems with team in meetings.
• Responsible of tasks delegation.

Communication and Customer Service:
• Use advanced communication skills.
• Have good writing skills.
• Have perfect understanding and ability to communicate in English or French.
• Have strong negotiation and convincing skills.
• Provide constructive feedback.
• Constantly and effectively communicate with Retail manager.

Teamwork and Personal Development:
• Make proper decisions.
• Lead by example.
• Spread a teamwork spirit.
• Share success stories.
• Respect hierarchy.

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