After School Student Supervisor

General Information

D3 consultants
Job Type:
Education/ Training
United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
Date Posted:
May 25, 2017
AED 9000-14000
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


After School Student Supervisor will live and take care of 4 students of 11 years old. Supervisors will live in a villa and will be supported by a driver and a maid. Each supervisor will work 5 days in a row, then take 2 days off.

• In charge of the children whenever they are not in school
• To accompany the children to and from school
• To create a safe and nurturing environment for the children
• To take care of the household and to provide a healthy environment in terms of food and safety
• To make sure that after school activities are done
• To make fun and educational weekend plans for the children
• To make sure that the children do their homework and read
• In charge of the villas budget and expenses

Company Profile

D3 Consultants is a premier school consultancy company, specializing in starting schools, evaluation, management, accreditation and school-related improvement services for private and public school-related businesses worldwide. D3 assists in starting up or managing schools through providing high quality of services such as determining the school's purpose and direction, completing the market study, analyzing of the study results, and development of the business plan with one objective in mind which is to support, manage, and develop quality schools for a better future. Starting a school requires exceptional planning, preparation, experience, and a commitment to a clear vision.