Child Psychologist at Interim Alternative Care Centre for Syrian children - Beka

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SOS Childrens Villages
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Health Care/ Pharmaceutical
Date Posted:
Jun 08, 2017
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The role of the child psychologist is essential in securing support for children who are residing in the IACC (based on the Child Safeguarding*) and their caregivers, educators and other staff members. The child psychologist reports directly to the Centre Director and works in close coordination with the case workers and educators of the IACC. This position ensures quality care for children within the Emergency Response of SOS Children’s Village.

*Child safeguarding includes all activities that the organisation undertakes to ensure that...

its co-workers, operations, and programmes do no harm to children and do not expose them to the risk of harm and abuse;
appropriate responses and effective management of child safeguarding concerns are in place;
any concerns the organisation has about children’s safety in its own programmes and within the communities they work in are reported to the appropriate authorities.
Tasks & Responsibilities:

Tasks Include, but are not limited to:

1. Case identification, intervention and follow-up:
Provide psychological support to our target group according to SOS Children’s Villages International principles and policies.
Diagnose, intervene and follow up on the psychological situation of the child (using a variety of psychological assessment scales for diagnoses and intervention)
Identify the several types of traumatic experiences in the child’s history. Directly report and collaborate with the case workers team and the centre director.
Draft psychological evaluation with relevant clinical impressions and recommendations.
Conduct weekly counseling sessions for the children (individual and group sessions): examine the role of the traumatic experience in the context of the child’s life, currently and historically and enhance the child’s coping mechanisms.
In collaboration with the case workers, support and monitor the integration of separated and unaccompanied children to be placed in long-term institutional care or other structures.
When needed, propose strategical action plans regarding the child.

2. Psycho-educational support:
Support the implementation of psycho-education activities within the target group. Facilitate relationships between the children and the educators.
Help in organizing psycho-social activities and awareness sessions for the children.
Class observation and follow up with the educators regarding specific challenging cases.
Ensure proper integration for the child within the center: Guide and support the children and engage them progressively in their child development plan.
Participate in the weekly meetings of the educators and case management staff.
Conduct training and provide support for SOS caregivers and other staff members on psychological child development.
Participate in the capacity building of the SOS emergency team on issues related to child protection (policies and procedures)

Job qualifications:

Master degree in psychology (preferably child psychology), having undergone personal psychotherapy, having undergone supervision hours of specific cases
2-3 years of practical experience with minimum 1 year relevant experience in traumatic situations with children or in NGO
Having undergone personal psychotherapy
Having undergone supervision hours of specific cases
Fluency in both English and Arabic
Follow SOS team policies by laws
Ability to work under pressure in a team environment
Ability to work with patients from different backgrounds
Reporting, analytical and communication skills
Personal skills: great level of independence, active problem solver and being able to work in a challenging environment

Company Profile

The Lebanese Association of SOS Children's Villages is a non-profit private social organization, both politically and denominationally independent. It was founded in 1964 and registered in the ministry of Social Affairs under No. 189/AD. It is legally recognized as a Lebanese welfare organization under the decree of public utility No. 5830.

The Lebanese Association of SOS Children's Villages responds to children's needs through the SOS child based model of care by:
• Providing family-based child care to children without parental care within the SOS Children's Villages.
• Supporting families at risk of child abandonment through Family Strengthening .

There are 4 SOS Children's Villages (in Bhersaf-Metn, Kfarhay-Batroun, Sferai- South, and Ksarnaba-Bekaa), 4 Youth Houses for boys and 4 for girls and 2 Social Centers (Beirut and Ksarnaba)

470 children are provided family based child care within the 4 SOS Children's Villages and 8 Youth Houses. 2000 children and their care givers currently participate in the Family Strengthening.

Office location: SOS Bldg., Monseigneur Chibli Street
Area: Jesr El Bacha
City: Sin El Fil
Additional directions: P.O.Box: 55-242 Beirut

Tel: (+961) 1 499808
Fax: (+961) 1 499808 ext: 104