Administrative Officer

General Information

Beirut Digital District
Job Type:
Clerical/ Administrative
Date Posted:
Jun 14, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


The company is now constituting an executive team and is looking for a motivated and committed administrative officer in charge of:

Office/human resources management
• Lead and undertake the procurement of office works, goods and services.
• Manage maintenance and support of IT functions and office management and ensure proper functioning of the information technology
• Ensure proper assets management and maintenance of the office premises, computers, accessories, furniture and equipment
• Ensure proper functioning of an archiving and documentation system, including uploads in Sharepoint and Onedrive
• Be responsible for the logistics of the office and meetings
• Liaise with NSSF, Insurance companies, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Interior for all matters related to HR and legal
• Implement proper payroll administration and liaise with the NSSF

• Ensure all supporting financial documentation is prepared and filed according to internal guidelines and procedures
• Manage and update accounting system on daily basis.
• Reconcile cash and bank accounts on a weekly basis.
• Prepare, check and file financial and administrative project documents, including: invoices, payment vouchers, bank documents, providers’ and staff contracts.
• Assist the coordinator in responding to audit inquiries and requests for financial information. Prepare all documents requested for an audit (external or internal) and be read to respond to any audit inquires.
• Identify and discuss any administrative and financial issues with the coordinator in a timely way.

Experience and competencies:
• Three (3) years of relevant experience and technical work in the sectors of administration. and finance (experience in civil society organizations is a plus)
• Knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft 365
• Good planning and problem solving skills,
• Open and positive attitude,
• Ability to read and write English and Arabic is a must
• Political experience is a definite plus
• Young age and diversity is a plus

Company Profile

ZRE is a real estate development group focusing on creating unique living and working experiences with distinctive atmospheres and a wide range of services.

Beirut Digital District (BDD) was launched in September 2012 in the historical Bachoura district of Beirut as a government facilitated project established between ZRE s.a.l.; a private company whose sole aim is to develop communities that bond, interact, and flourish within their neighborhoods, Berytech; an incubator accelerator for the development of startups in the ICT field, and The Ministry of Telecommunications; acting as a facilitator and providing broadband internet and telephone infrastructure at preferential rates. Beirut Digital District (BDD) will represent a community focused urbanized hub for the creative companies and talents. The project aims to become an all-inclusive zone dedicated to improving the digital industry in Lebanon through providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and superior support services for businesses and the healthiest living environment for the young and dynamic workforce; all at competitive and affordable rates.