Property Manager

General Information

Job Type:
Clerical/ Administrative
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Jun 15, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


One of the main responsibilities of the property manager is to manage tenants and owners. They are involved in all capacities, from finding the tenants and dealing with complaints to initiating evictions.the role of Property manager is to look after buildings, housing, industrial spaces and other property to make sure it is in good working order, looks clean and well-maintained .

Company Profile

we area a leading firm specialized in finishing works ,that works under the ISO standards and pioneer in the Lebanese market with solid reputation, professionalism, quality and accuracy
in time planning and project delivery.
We use design to enrich people’s lives and help
organizations succeed. Our mission is to deliver
exceptional design ideas and solutions for our clients through the creative blending of human need,environmental stewardship, value creation, science and art.Our design solutions result from a collaborative process that encourages multidisciplinary professional teams to
research alternatives, share knowledge and imagine new ways to solve the challenges of the built environment.
Our scope covers all construction trades including civil Engineering, MEP, Architecture, Finishing & more .