Medical Representative

General Information

Pharma Group
Job Type:
Health Care/ Pharmaceutical
Date Posted:
Jun 19, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


1- Maintain the interest of the company as a priority, and insure extreme integrity and honesty in dealing with customers, colleagues, and superiors.
2- Performing regular visits to HCP and pharmacists as per the frequency set by department: once per cycle for all Drs, twice per cycle for KOLs and very potential Drs. 2 pharmacies per day
3- Presenting Company’s products using defined tools, studies and material
4- Organizing conferences and presentations for physicians and medical staff. These activities may take place during the day or in the evenings at a local hotel or conference venue
5- Participating in medical congresses and seminars. These activities may take place during the week or over the week-end
6- Time management and representing well the company, keeping a positive working relationship with all contacts at all times
7- Committing to constantly improving product knowledge and selling skills in order to deliver information to HCPs effectively and professionally
8- Reporting drug adverse events within twenty four hours of contact date, as well as reporting all complaints related to quality of Company’s products
9- Managing local budgets and expenditure and maintaining acceptable sales to expense ratio
10- Keeping detailed records of all contacts and performed visits. Sending daily reports and other requested reports within the deadline
11- Achieving annual sales targets
12- Attending company meetings, technical and scientific briefings and trainings
13- Monitoring competitor products and activities
14- Keeping up to date with all activities in the related health sector.
15- Reporting Pharmacovigilance cases within the specified timelines and adhering to the quality system.

Company Profile

Leading Group of Companies in the distribution of Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Para-Comsetics products