Marketing and Sales Representative

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Kapital Builders Insurance Services s.a.r.l
Job Type:
Date Posted:
Jun 16, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Securus is looking for a competitive driven candidate to be part of their
product development and promotion team of Expacare's international health insurance.

Company Profile

We are a professional team of insurance consultants specialized in providing individual and corporate benefits. Our aim is to make sure that “peace of mind” dwells with each and every individual, regardless of any geographical boundaries. As Mobility becomes more and more part of our daily life, our “Global Portable Concept” will offer our members "FREEDOM" and will follow them around the Globe.

Our role is to help each one of you anticipate well in advance the different life stages they will inevitably meet. We provide some of the best international solutions that will turn any future financial burden into a relief shelter.

We help people use the "TIME" that separates them from those stages to their Advantage as "Time" is our best "Ally" if used properly and our worst "Enemy" if ignored...