Chef de Partie

General Information

Damour Beach Resort
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Jul 19, 2017
Employee Type:


1.To produce a consistent, high quality product and provide a courteous, professional, efficient and flexible service at all times.
2.To have a full working knowledge and capability to supervise, correct and demonstrate all duties and tasks in the assigned Place of Work.
3.To perform opening, running and closing procedures established for the Place of Work as assigned.
4.To perform daily line check of assigned station before shift starts.
5.To ensure that the Place of Work and surrounding area is kept clean and organized at all times.
6.To monitor operating supplies with respect and reduce spoilage and wastage of the assigned station.
7.To participate to inventories if requested.
8.To practice “clean as you “and follow health and hygiene regulations and policies.
9.To adhere to uniform rules and policies of the Venue and the company.
10.Contribute effectively to team work within the brigade.
11.Apply all HACCP rules and regulations.
12.Comply with departmental BSS.
13.Respect deadlines.
14.Ensure quality standardization.
15.To communicate properly with staff and Management.
16.To attend department meetings when requested.
17.To attend training and seminars when requested by the company.
18.To train and monitor new kitchen staff.
19.To make sure that ”MISE EN PLACE” is ready before the shift starts.
20.To work during holidays and events when requested by the Venue.
21.To adhere to set recipes/portions set by the company.


1.That Chef de partie has permanently a clean appearance (including complete uniform, tag, kitchen safety shoes, perfect grooming, dressed hair etc.), and gives the impression of a well trained organized and cleaned team.
2.Participates in decoration and preparing the buffet for special events.
3.Handle all complains by calling immediately the Sous Chef


1.Ensures a team spirit and working discipline.
2.Make sure that all rules and regulations according to company guidelines are in use.
3.Kitchen preparation is done according to the manual.

Company Profile

Waiters and Hostesses is a boutique hospitality agency that specialises in providing a specific profile of waiting and hostessing personnel for the luxury private and corporate events.

Our professional team is characterized for being young, well presented and motivated.

We put extra emphasis on the grooming of our members and we believe that this what distinguishes us.