Overnight - Bell Boy

General Information

Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Date Posted:
Jun 19, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


To assist guests arriving and leaving the Hotel and to carry out any other duties as requested by the Head Concierge.

1- Open vehicles doors and greet guests. Protect guests at entrance from inclement weather.
2- Welcome guests and direct them to the reception. Know regular guest names and requirements.
3- To load and unload luggage from vehicles: Ensure that all items are secure when stacking the trolley and will not fall off and cause damage.
4- To ensure Security of guest luggage left in your care and to safely store it and give guest a receipt.
5- Accurate knowledge of hotel facilities & services. Answer guest questions and resolve guest problems.
6- Promote the Hotel generally. Know the names, functions and locations of the Management Team.
7- Be aware of daily functions, events, VIP and group arrivals. Handle Signboard and Poster in the Lobby.
8- Establish good customer rapport: Greeting, Know regular guest names & requirements. Anticipates needs
9- Ensure the cleanliness of the Lobby area: Clean ashtrays, desks in Front Office and Lobby area
10- Distribution of messages and other materials to Guests room and Management Offices
11- To ensure the luggage trolleys and all equipment are in good condition & the ones needing repair or maintenance are looked after.
12- To check the luggage store and ensure all items stored are registered in the register.

1- Must be able to speak, read, write & understand English.
2- Project a pleasant and positive professional image to all contacts at all times.
3- Require good communication skills, both verbal and written. Must possess computer skills.

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