Change Management Head

General Information

GlobeMed Group
Job Type:
Senior Management
Date Posted:
Jun 19, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job summary:
The Change Management Head ensures that Business Transformation Programs and associated Change Management and Training Initiatives support the Organizational Objectives and fit in completely with the Corporate Vision and Mission. The Change Management and Training initiatives within the Organization include Changes to Technology and Systems, Changes to Business Processes and/or Changes in Organizational Structure and job roles. The role of the Change Management Head is to create the appropriate environment and conditions for a smooth transition to Changes with least resistance from the employees and maximum enthusiasm to adapt to the Change.
Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Acts as a Coach and Mentor for the organization to implement Change.
2. Works closely with Senior Managers of the Organization to assist them in fulfilling their role as Change sponsors for their respective Departments and teams.
3. Strives to achieve quick adoption of Change to include the formulation and delivery of Training to achieve organizational proficiency to handle new initiatives and projects.
4. Engages with key project teams to help them integrate their initiatives/projects with crucial Change Management initiatives undertaken by the Organization.
5. Collaborates with Stakeholders to define and monitor Quality Metrics and trends to facilitate Continuous Improvement Excellence.
6. Establishes Change Management Strategies to deliver on business transformation needs.
7. Enforce best practices advanced by GlobeMed for all Business Transformation, Change Management and Training Initiatives; in cooperation with all concerned department heads. Ascertain transparency & traceability under all current processes or new ones implemented.
8. Promote an “Operation Excellence” Agile culture throughout the organization and its Change Management and Training programs and advocate “Continuous Improvement”. Periodically review those programs and related processes, and present practical suggestions to GlobeMed to help streamline them; hence take necessary action to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
9. Provide periodic reports to Senior Management. Report and discuss with Senior Management any issues that affects the successful delivery of the Change Management and Training Programs, for their decision and guidance.
10. Manage relationships within and between the different departments to ensure that appropriate cooperation is in place and adequate resources are available and focused to support Business Transformation and Change Management objectives at GlobeMed.
11. Implement a progressive Human Power strategy with focus on deliberate capabilities and behavior transformation in support of the very rapid evolution of the technological environment of the operation.
12. Meet periodically with department leaders to review progress of Transformation and Change Management programs across their areas and to ensure their adherence to plans and timelines.
• Must have Bachelor’s in Engineering, Psychology, Education or Business. A Master’s degree is preferred.
• Must have at least 3 years of previous experience in organizations that have gone through major Business Transformation and Change Management.
• At least 3 years’ experience leading a Training and Change Management program.
• Experience with Business Process Management and associated tools and techniques.
• Experience with an Operational Excellence Framework and associated tools and techniques.
• Exceptional Social, Communication and Business Development Skills
• Ability to work under pressure in a fast pace environment under rapid business & digital transition.
• Fluent in Arabic and English

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