General Information

Job Type:
Accounting/ Finance
Date Posted:
Jan 16, 2018
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


The main duties are as follows:
Financial Reporting:
• Prepare the 4 Financial Statements (P&L, BS, CF and SOE) on a monthly basis and submit them along with a newsletter to the MP and the MD.
• Overlook the Accounting department to ensure all entries are being allocated in the right accounts on the Trial Balance and that all accounts are perfectly reconciled at all times. Financial Controlling:
• Manage the relation with Auditors and all Government authorities/bodies, and submit to them all needed documentation and Financials as per required and expected standards
. • Develop and implement Policies & Procedures for the Accounting & Finance department (in alignment and coordination with the MP and MD).
Financial Performance Analysis:
• Present on a monthly basis a detailed Financial Statement Analysis explaining the results and recommending corrective actions or general next steps for continuous performance improvement.
• Liaise with all departments in order to develop, using their inputs, a detailed bottom-up budget to be submitted to and approved by the MP and the MD.
• Monitor the budget i.e. budget vs. actual results on a monthly basis, and make sure every department abides by the allocated budget figures.
Treasury & Funds Management:
• Follow up with banks: bidding documents, money transferred…etc.
• Monitor working capital and bank facilities: Payments to be made to suppliers in the future, loans to be granted or settled, cash needed for new launches, cash needed to cover the forecasted budget…etc. Business Planning / Feasibility Study Development ( A Nice to Have, not a Must)
• Have the needed skills and experience to be able to develop Feasibility studies for new potential projects or investments, i.e., beyond budgeting capability, be able to develop 3-5 year business plan that includes projections of both operational and financial performance.

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