sales executives-Events company-Jeddah -Ksa

General Information

Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Date Posted:
Jan 16, 2018
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Make lists of potential clients and conduct surveys to identify customers actively seeking an events company.
Contact customers via calls or arranged meetings to discover their needs and requirements
Prepare and present sales proposal to potential clients, highlighting the best features and qualities of the company
Provide customers with a list of available services and their accompanying prices and offer discounts when necessary
Assist clients in selecting the most appropriate service that best meet their specifications and needs
Oversee the booking and reservation of space to ensure availability and proper arrangement
Collaborate with other staff to ensure clients have a good time
Monitor the customer service quality of the hotel to ensure customers are tended to appropriately
Conduct price negotiations with customers on behalf of the hotel management to reach a favorable bargain for both parties
Process and facilitate requests for customized services such as redecoration, equipment, and switch
Coordinate and organize the details of an event such as catering, lodging, seating, and security
Resolve and quell misunderstandings within the company premises.
Maintain contact with clients to obtain feedback and to discuss opportunities for future business deals
Set annual budgets and implement strategies effective for achieving set targets
Conduct assessment of sales performance to make necessary adjustments to increase patronage.

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