Total Quality Management Manager-Nigeria-2000$-3000$

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Nov 12, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Ensures proper implementation of Quality Management Systems to maintain and warrant the highest quality standards and compliance.
• Prepares and reviews all Department Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions and makes amendments as necessary.
• Creates and controls all Quality Management System Documents of the organization.
• Conducts in-depth research for new quality standards and up-to-date quality implementation techniques and methodologies.
• Provides specialist insight toward the Audit and assessment of proposed development projects and assures they are up to standard levels.
• Monitors ISO implementation and reviewing progress with HODs.
• Manages corrective and preventative actions to ensure process and products improvement.
• Benchmarks the Unit’s processes and procedures against other companies and implements new and/or improved processes and procedures as necessary to improve the quality of the products.
• Conducts quality improvement programs and projects and participates in these projects to follow-up the team progress.
• Develops and implements relevant KPIs to aid in the pursuit of continuous improvement.
• Conducts meetings with Department Managers to ensure proper implementation of quality programs assigned to them, and reviews the Unit KPIs developed to improve quality.
• Reviews customer feedback monthly to detect areas that need improvement.
• Allocates the budget needed to implement TQM programs at the beginning of every financial year.

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