Warehouse Supervisor - Angola (Africa)

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Oct 12, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Supervises all the activities of the warehouse, applies all the procedures and ensuring risks (theft, product damage, warehouse condition,) are eliminated.
- Checks and updates daily reports for any discrepancy, and perform counting/controlling activities when needed to ensure the quantity of the goods is correct.
- Availability of items
- Analyze sold quantities
- Performs stock control activities according to sales trend, asks for goods before arriving to minimum stock to ensure no shortage of stock.
- Control all the goods are in the right conditions (prices, expiry dates, quantity,.) to ensure conformance.
- Applies the set rules of safety (splitting between food and no food) (insurance, government,) to eliminate any relevant risk (fire, water,)
- Ensures that the security people are in place, the right number, having weapons, doors are well locked in order to avoid any thieving action.
- Liaise with clients and enter external parties (inspectors,) to build good relationships and create a database to input all data for wholesale.
- Solve problems related to movements for smooth work.
- Ensure all the tools exists like stamps, calculators, machine de cashier, and monitor people who have access to them
- Every time he receives a new stock, he has to check with the coordinator that there is no change in prices, and in case he didn’t receive a msg about change prices, he still has to do the job and ask about the prices.

Company Profile

INCOSERV is the management and consulting company for WEBCOR GROUP, a leading global employer www.webcorgroup.com holding many companies in different industries such as manufacturing (Imex/ Baluarte/ Pasta Berruto), sourcing, trading (We Market/ DMCC Dubai/ Webcor Geneva), FMCG and soft commodities’ distribution (Angoalissar/ Intermarcas/ Comercio Investimentos), building material’s distribution (Ribalta), Real Estate (Skyland) and the new retail business (Ora Invest).