Procurement Specialist

General Information

Hallab 1881 SAL
Job Type:
Clerical/ Administrative
Lebanon - Tripoli
Date Posted:
Oct 03, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


1. Negotiates with potential vendors & manufacturers to ensure that the terms of sales meet the purchasing strategy in terms of packages, labels, printings and materials
2. Reviews and reports current vendors & manufacturers’ performance in terms of consistency, payment terms, delivery system, commitment to price and quality…
3. Provides samples and final proof for trials and testing and maintains a master file of samples requirements, approved dummies and related documents and feedback
4. Coordinates quantity to be ordered and shipped in accordance with products business plan set by the operations and marketing team in alignment with the finance dept. standards.
5. Coordinates and communicates lead-time of orders (new, modified and/or repeat) to concerned parties
6. Reviews levels of stock on hand, levels of consumption, and upcoming levels of demand with both the purchasing manager and dept. concerned.
7. Reviews order sequences & purchase cycles to determine quantity, space and timing of deliveries with the warehouse manager
8. Requests official quotations and proper certifications from vendors (local and global)
9. Assists in the suppliers’ qualifications and evaluation process
10. Reviews service and material unconformity with parties concerned (purchasing manager, dept. concerned and suppliers)
11. Reviews purchase order claims and contracts for conformance to company policy.
12. Assists the Purchasing manager in the development of specifications for equipment, products or substitute materials.
13. Maintains a fair and ethical business relationship with vendors to maintain quality of goods, timely delivery and compliance to terms of contracts
14. Attends events, fairs and exhibitions to keep abreast of the market’s trends and product price index.
15. Prepares and submits detailed reports to the purchasing manager (discrepancies, buying expenditures, cost and U/P variances etc.)
16. Maintains a network of professional contacts in order to discover new opportunities for good deals on orders
17. Admins day-to-day purchases, systematic transactions, non-store acquisitions (direct) and regular stock replenishments
18. Coordinates and gains approval of the purchasing manager when purchasing high-budget goods from approved sources

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