Showroom Manager

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Oct 11, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Showroom Manager with minimum of 5 years’ experience needed for a leading company in Home Appliances in Lebanon.

Job requirements:

-Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or any other relevant field
-Minimum 5 years of sales experience, preferably in Home Appliances and Home Entertainment
-Excellent communication skills (both written and oral)
-Excellent people management skills
-Strong presentation and negotiation skills
-Passion for sales
-Excellent product/territory knowledge with high technical background
-Experience in conducting training and preparing presentations
-Excellent in technical communication
-Confident, aggressive, communicative and open mind
-Fluent in English and Arabic

Roles & Responsibilities:

- Maintain the showroom as a high impact location to feature the appropriate merchandising
- selling medium high end product and dealing with VIP customers
- Analyze sales figures and forecast future sales volumes to maximize profits
- Analyze and understand trends to facilitate planning
- Oversee direct and indirect expenditures and its conformity with pre-set budget
- Develop sales strategies and set sales targets
- Monitor the team’s performance and ensure target achievement
- Manage and Motivate sales teams to meet targets & increase sales and ensure efficiency
- Suggesting marketing strategies related to the showroom based on location, competition…etc.
- Respond to customer complaints and comments
- Maintain awareness of market trends, understand forthcoming customer initiatives, and monitor what local competitors are doing
- Manage after sales process
- Initiate changes to improve the business
- Provide statistical reports regarding sales achievements
- Maintain a professional sales appearance
- Strong follow up orientation to insure successful implementation of the business initiatives

Salary & compensation:

While the salary and benefits depend on the level of experience and competencies of the candidate, the salary will be discussed during the interviews.

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