Sales Admin Coordinator

General Information

Les Affichages Pikasso
Job Type:
Clerical/ Administrative
Date Posted:
Oct 13, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


•Handle all pre and post client campaign requests and complaints.
•Coordinate and follow up with the commercial team on all client requests.
•Liaise with clients all matters from order, implementation to closing of a campaign.
•Ensure all booking orders are properly signed.
•Prepare and update weekly programs related to the campaigns per client.
•Prepare and update weekly photo programs.
•Prepare and send a photo album per campaign to clients or agencies.
•Monitor the outdoor advertising campaigns of competitors
•Prepare and ensure detailed correspondence of minutes of meetings related to the decisions taken.
•Follow up and coordinate with Clients and Agencies regarding all visuals, and monitor the censorship process.
•Prepare and update the posters, and communicate to the technical department in order for them to follow with the printing houses.
•Follow up with direct clients or agencies regarding the delivery of the posters at the right moment.
•Maintain regular updates of the client’s database (reservation grid, campaign photos…).
•Coordinate and Follow up orders internally with the various departments (Billposting, Quality Control, Accounting, Account Managers) regarding matters related to client’s campaigns.
•Handle customer complaints and communicate to the concerned parties.
•Prepare statistics related to monthly turnover of the different products.
•Prepare monthly reports of the turnover to be communicated to IPSOS.
•Organize and file all documents and paperwork, and prepare various reports upon request
•Apply the company system regarding outlook.
•Coordinate with clients the remaining posters per campaign and give to the technical department the right info at the right moment in order for them to manage the warehouse.

Company Profile

CAMPOMATIC was born in 1970 in Campo Sampiero (Padova) Italy as a washing machine & gas cooker brand and has since then expanded to become a global company.

CAMPOMATIC aims to be one of the market leaders for digital electronics, home appliances and energy products, with passion for innovation, quality, elegance, environmental responsibility, comfort, simplicity and safety.

CAMPOMATIC delivers a world of new possibilities for a digital lifestyle today and in the future. Its large product range offers an exhilarating mix of Italian design and technology, in which impressive style is at the forefront & functionality enriches the user experience.

CAMPOMATIC has one of the largest range of products in the market including Televisions, audio and video, telephones, home appliances, cookers, built-in appliances, small kitchen appliances, personal care, batteries, lamps, flashlights and many more.

CAMPOMATIC maintains its commitment to innovation through its extensive global research and development facilities.

CAMPOMATIC has adopted a global production strategy with 60 factories located in Italy, Great Britain, South Korea, Turkey, China and Vietnam.

As the world continues to converge politically & economically, CAMPOMATIC consolidated its activities and now has four global headquarters established to meet the company’s new strategic goals.