Customer Care Agent intership

General Information

Falafel Games SAL
Job Type:
Advertising/ Public Relations
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Oct 13, 2017
Employee Type:
Part-Time Intern


1. Answer the VIPs in-game tickets using admin tool
2. Identify new buyers, thank them in-game and offer help using admin tool
3. Identify new buyers who didn’t do a second purchase within 2 weeks, ask for problem and offer help using admin tool
4. Identify old VIPs who are not recharging anymore, ask for problem and offer help using admin tool
5. Answer the players in-game tickets using admin tool
6. Monitor in-game chat; mute or ban players according to severity of their bad chats
7. Respond to users on Facebook: Messages; posts; comments
8. Respond to users on Instagram: comments, private messages
9. Respond to users on Twitter
10. Respond to users on youtube: comments, private messages
11. Respond to 1-star reviews on Google Play
12. Respond to reviews on Google Play
13. Invite likers and commenters of Facebook ads to join Facebook page
14. Follow likers and commenters of Instagram ads to motivate them to follow Instagram account
15. Respond to Twitter Ads comments, DM and re-tweets
16. Create video tutorial on Youtube
17. When a key influencer makes a post about our game on Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, proprietary app or website, respond to comments with the corresponding account of the game

Company Profile

Falafel Games is a growing producer and publisher of web and mobile games. We are leading in users and revenues among the gaming companies in the Middle East.