Digital Marketing Intern

General Information

Falafel Games SAL
Job Type:
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Oct 13, 2017
Employee Type:
Part-Time Intern


o Identify and negotiate terms with new channels and partners for User Acquisition
o Identify and negotiate terms with new Media and PR
o Initiate, manage, and optimize all online campaigns
o Allocate budgets according to channel ROI and other performance metrics
o Estimate and measure user Lifetime Value in order to recommend justifiable marketing spend per user
o Coordinate Media and PR utilization, messaging and creative assets with game live ops events
o Order, approve and prioritize the marketing assets of Online campaigns, Media and PR
o Create, maintain and optimize social media channels, and coordinate their messaging with Games Live Ops events
o Identify and track key in-game events that help improve user acquisition performance
o Collaborate with product and development teams on implementing marketing-specific product features and / or SDKs
o Monitor and assess the User Acquisition initiatives of competition or similar products in other markets, and learn
o Experiment continuously with new initiatives and extract learning, provide new recommendations and challenge our existing system
o Learn

Company Profile

Falafel Games is a growing producer and publisher of web and mobile games. We are leading in users and revenues among the gaming companies in the Middle East.