digital marketing

General Information

Job Type:
Advertising/ Public Relations
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Oct 19, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


applicant should prove expertise and full commitment to social media techniques
experience is a must

Company Profile

Data and INVESTMENT consult Lebanon is a leader in the online industry introducing business intelligence services and data collection mining backing INVESTORS with proper decision making techniques.

It has launched in 2015 an initiative for startups managing its own business incubator geared towards finch and IT valued products, as well as gathering interests of entrepreneurs ; INVESTORS and startups

Our news and tailored market alerts and services department target different kind of intelligence reports converging on risk analysis to sustain other groups interests

We are also engaged in emarketing consulting as well as active market research and feasibility oriented market studies
Discover INVESTMENT and businesses best matching scenarios
Discover opportunities and manage risk
Find fresh ideas to act upon. Uncover threats before they loom large.
Engage better with influential public and stakeholders

Other Media Lab services include:
Newsletters—Share media analysis and coverage with custom newsletters created by our Media Lab

Managed News Summaries—Keep your internal audiences informed; our team of editorial experts select, prioritize and package articles into easy-to-read newsletters and email alerts

Custom Publishing—Position your organization as a thought leader by engaging journalists to create client newsletters with unique commentary, news and analysis