Banquet Sales

General Information

Lancaster Tamar Hotel - Hazmieh
Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Nov 14, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


1. Establish and improve the reputation of the hotel by offering a very personalised style of service as per the hotels standard operating procedures.
2. Timely attend all the telephone calls using clear and professional language, and answer telephones using appropriate telephone etiquette.
3. Answer phone, direct to appropriate person and / or take messages.
4. Assist with typing of the Banquet and Sales correspondence, i.e. answering mail, confirming banquet arrangements, menus, BEO, FP, memos etc.
5. Promptly respond to all inquiries.
6. Compose, publish and distribute Banquet event order (BEO) / Banquet Function Plan (FP) to all department heads and personnel who are involved in servicing banquets function.
7. Work with management and other heads of departments at all times and assist in carrying out special requirements and duties necessary in adding to the guests general comfort and well being.
8. Distribute promptly to all departments about notice of any change in the Banquet event order (BEO) / Banquet Function Plan (FP).
9. Prepare signage and menu items for all banquet events function.
10. Study requirements of all booked banquets and functions to familiarize and ascertain the possibility of selling additional facilities, to produce extra revenue.
11. Sending Banquet event proposals to the guests and being in timely contact with them.
12. Call customers to remind before for cut-off dates.
13. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with others, and support team to reach common goals.
14. Ensure prompt responses for all enquiry through telephone, fax and emails.
15. Ensure that all the administrative documents are prepared for the hotel sales team.
16. Act as a liaison between all related hotel departments and host of the function.
17. Ensure orders and requisitions for the Catering and Banquet departments are completed.
18. Responsible to attend periodic sales meetings and circulate minutes of the meetings and regular follow up's.
19. Respond and act upon any special requirement which function host had requested.
20. Maintaining the entire sales correspondence data base.
21. Maintain departmental reports and procedures.
22. Maintain all client information and folders.
23. Coordinate with Banquet operations on a timely basis to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
24. Updating DSR (Daily sales Report) and revenue projection on a daily bases.
25. Update Catering and Banquets calendar on the Sales and Catering software.
26. Perform all duties as deemed necessary for the success of the department

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