QA Officer

General Information

DNY Group
Job Type:
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Nov 17, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Description:
Quality assurance officer is required to determine and establish quality standards related to products and services offered by a company. They also monitor that organization’s actions are in the same path with targets and advise improvements to do in the processes.

• Evaluate and test software programs to verify programs function according to user requirements
• Validate that the software performs to established guidelines.
• Write, review, revise and verify quality standards and test procedures for program design and product evaluation.
• Participate in review of standards, procedures, tools and process.
• Monitor, manage and communicate with developers on defects.
• Prepare and develop test strategies and test plans.
• Assist project leaders in solving quality assurance issues.
• Work collectively to solve defects.
• Assist in disaster recovery testing.
• Create explanatory documents.
• Establish standards for customer service.
• Ensure execution of corrective actions.
• Supervise technical staff.
• Identify training needs.
• Prepare quality assurance reports.

• Technical Capacity.
• Communication Proficiency.
• Collaboration.
• Teamwork Orientation.
• Project Management.
• Time Management.

Company Profile

DNY group was established with a clear mission in mind: Being pioneers of change.

We strive to push towards new frontiers of value creation through innovation, technological discovery, scientific exploration and human capacity transformation.

We are candidly demanding, never settle for the obvious, and are sometimes irrational in our expectations. We are always striving to push the envelope and go beyond reachable boundaries. Companies that really stand out are those which are able to incorporate revolutionary ideas into their products.

We believe that upholding a vigorous, creative culture among employees in a company will lead to more disruptive innovations. Playfulness is confidently fortified to help hearten the process of creativeness.

Experimentation is a huge part of our DNA across our companies. Our work spaces are designed to offer tools that simulate communication and new ideas among our employees