Operations' Manager - F&B

General Information

Management Plus
Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Dec 07, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


- Provides a leadership support function to staff and Area Managers and motivates them to achieve sales and profit goals.
- Coordinates with Area Managers, Maintenance Department and Warehouse Supervisor in order to manage and monitor the work of all departments.
- Prepares and controls key performance indicators (KPIs).
- Reviews and analyses financial statements, branches performance and products performance.
- Analyses statistical data along with Financial Analyst and Middle Management, and takes decisions accordingly.
- Utilizes financial data to improve efficiency.
- Prepares and controls operational budgets, along with Financial Analyst.
- Controls inventory.
- Cost controls existing items as well as costing / pricing of new items.
- Recommends effective strategies for the financial well-being of the company.
- Achieves continued revenue growth through innovation in services, product offerings and marketing initiatives.
- Improves existing policies and procedures in support of organizational goals.
- Formulates and implements departmental and organizational policies and procedures to maximize output.
- Monitors adherence and ensures compliance to rules, policies and procedures, along with Area Managers.
- Continually develops the food, beverage and service offering and enhances the profile of services.
- Ensures that a customer centered service is provided and maintains good relations.
- Provides effective leadership, management and motivation of staff.
- Ensures food and beverage safety systems.
- Ensures quality of coffee products and proper production cycle.
- Coordinates and monitors the work of various departments involved in production, including production process, warehousing, pricing and distribution of goods.
- Performs on spot checking, for quality of food and beverages, cleanliness of site, staff behavior, etc. and takes corrective actions, as needed.
- Heads/ supervises the maintenance department.
- Heads/ supervises wholesale department.
- Heads/ supervises the suppliers and all needed purchases.
- Recruits and selects staff for middle management upon need, including Area Manager, Cost Controller, Warehouse Supervisor
- Performs the final assessment for the selection of operational staff, including Supervisor, Cashier, Barista, Kitchen staff and Waiter positions, along with the HR officer.
- Selects the appropriate number of staff and their qualifications for new locations, along with Area Managers.
- Monitors and evaluates performance of Middle Management in partnership with the CEO.
- Evaluates performance of operational level staff, along with Area Managers.
- Assesses situations related to conflict or misconduct, communicates results with the HR Officer and decides on employee dismissal, when necessary.
- Supervises the training process.
- Liaises with Board and the Steering Committee, while ensuring that the Board is kept fully informed of the plans and performance of the company.
- Assists in the development of strategic plans for operational activity.
- Implements and manages operational plans.
- Works with the company to maximize business opportunities and optimize the financial return, in terms of local and regional franchising as well as expansion activities.
- Coordinates the franchising activity, including introducing potential franchisees to the company, negotiating & finalizing the franchising contract and controlling the franchisee’s operations.
- Performs research and development, including integrating new products, F&B strategies and updating the menu.
- Performs Business Development activities, as required.
- Prepares Risk Management Plan and follows up on its implementation.
- Ensures health and safety tasks are implemented and monitored.

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