Associate administrative assistant

General Information

Royal Fiancials SAL
Job Type:
Accounting/ Finance
Date Posted:
Jan 11, 2018
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Overview/Summary:

The Associate Administrative Assistant is responsible for directing the activities of the Administration Department staff with regards to the coordination and management of the company’s administrative activities.
The Associate Administrative Assistant is also responsible for managing all maintenance requirements of the company.

Responsibilities & duties:

• Providing internal and external coordination, management, and oversight of all administrative activities related to the development and implementation of the mission and instructional goals of the company.

• Supervising and monitoring the following sub-departments/units: Archive, Messenger, Security, and Maintenance.

• Supervising recordkeeping of legal documentations and relations with government entities.

• Supervising the setup of new locations and branches, as well as preparing offices/workstations for new staff.

• Monitoring and supervising the purchase and acquisition of new assets, inventory, and supplies.

• Managing the process of providing maintenance and insurance of all assets.

• Supervising the archiving of all corporate documents including internal documents and client application files and related documentation.

• Implementing a crisis management plan (contingency plan) in collaboration with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and ensuring all operational requirements are available in the event of a crisis.

• Ensuring the workplace is always secured, clean, sterile and under surveillance.

• Supervising mail delivery throughout the company.

• Developing all administration related policies and procedures.

• Managing and supervising company fixed assets by registering all FA along with serial numbers, purchase date, supplier, Invoice #, value.

• Managing and supervising the procurements process in the company, handle the negotiations with the suppliers/service providers.

• Develop maintenance procedures and ensure implementation and Carry out inspections of the facilities to identify and resolve issues

• Manage health/medical, life, and assets insurance for the company and the employees.

• Handling all I/O with NSSF

• Secures the company and personnel by patrolling the premises by using camera equipment in conducting regular surveillance, Inspecting the premises, equipment, access and exit points.

Job Requirements:


• University or college graduate

Skills and Competencies:

• 0 to 2 years’ experience in a similar role

• Preferable experience in a financial company

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