General Information

Pharma Group
Job Type:
Health Care/ Pharmaceutical
Date Posted:
Jan 10, 2018
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


•Abide by the rules and regulations of the QMS
•Abide by the SOPs of the Supply chain department
•Abide by the code of ethics and company policy
•Make sure that the return products are not counterfeit
•Assist Brand Managers with Sales/Purchase/Promo/Launching plans
•Correspondence with suppliers on forecasts, targets & sales
•Secure new tender process is implemented
•Decrease lead time of shipments to avoid any potential OOS issue
•Check on monthly basis with the regulatory department on the status of the products ( switches , new launches, new pack …)
•Studies and evaluates freight mix and terms (land hauling, sea freight), based on suppliers location, and routes and available transportation systems which ensure optimal cost of delivery
•Ensure compliance to Service Level Agreements and other type of agreements with suppliers
•Ensure ideal stock level is maintained & proper replenishment planning
•Set purchasing strategies, plans, forecasts and budgets with COO of Pharma, Cosmetic & Finance team
•Monitor, evaluate & analyze inventory value
•Follow up with insurance companies to ensure resolution of problems & / or compensation
•Negotiate contracts’ terms & conditions for shipping lines
•Monitor stock cover and freshness of finished goods at optimum level at the dispatch location
•Perform analysis on monthly performance
•Ensuring that logistics policies and procedures are implemented properly
•Coordinate with all internal departments for smooth transaction
•Assisting Accounting team with payments of goods accordingly to contractual terms
•Coordinate and negotiate with destruction companies for expired &/ damaged products
•Coordinate and follow up with clearing agents on daily basis for smooth clearing process
•Establish purchase plans based on the annual and monthly forecasts
•Prepare costing sheets and purchase orders, and fill out all necessary data, including computation and validation of landed factor
•Keep record of shipping agencies for all geographic locations
•Negotiate with liners and forwarders for the best quotations
•Follow up with suppliers on all credit notes and transfers
•Follow up with central warehouse on all damaged shipments to ensure that the appropriate claim is filled with the responsible party, whether suppliers or insurance companies
•Ensure that all correspondence with suppliers is channeled to concerned parties
•Handle L/C establishment wherever applicable
•Plan delivery timetables for all pending/on route containers
•Ensure all consignments are properly covered by insurance
•Ensure all logistics & demand planning processes are under (GSDP) Good Storage & Distribution Practices procedures.
•Follow up with clearing agent on daily basis to accelerate clearing process with MOH & Customs.

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