Sales Engineer

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Yammine Trading Company sarl
Job Type:
Date Posted:
Dec 27, 2017
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Project Management
1. Assist in the preparation of project budget;
2. Assist in the preparation of detailed projects program of work;
3. Assist in the allocation of manpower;
4. Monitor progress of work daily;
5. Adhere to and enforce the QMS;
6. Oversee interdepartmental coordination;
7. Coach and train junior engineers;
8. Assist in the reporting on project progress and completion.
Project Design Work
9. Secure basic information
a. Comprehend specifics related to the scope of work;
b. Conduct site reconnaissance work and report findings to the Head of the Department;
c. Assist in the preparation of project design criteria;
d. Incorporate specific requirements into design;
e. Take into consideration specific project constraints.
10. Ensure quality of work
f. Conform to company design procedures;
g. Conform to design calculations procedure;
h. Conform to project design criteria;
i. Conform to company CAD handbook;
11. Be aware of the specifics and adhere to the scope of work

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