Junior Graphic Designer living near Jbeil

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Jan 18, 2018
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Full-Time Employee


These Junior Graphic Designers usually assist the senior employees in the field of graphic design. They work together with these professionals to produce first-rate designs like reports, leaflets and newsletters. They also assist in making Power Point presentations that is utilized in the company and for clients outside.
They are responsible in on working on small projects with the like of designing page layouts for magazines, newspapers and journals. They also make promotional displays and marketing brochures. They regularly use the graphic design made by senior graphic designers for their project.
Junior Graphic Designers are the one who edits and corrects the assignments completed by the senior designers. They edit the layouts and make sure that the visual aspect of the design like its animation and color works together. They are also in charge for communicating with the copywriters about the text that is showed in the design.
A Junior Graphic Designer talks with their clients to follow up the projects that were started by senior designers and work out the adjustments that was suggested by their clients.

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