Facilities Maintenance Engineer

General Information

Main Lebanon
Job Type:
Date Posted:
Jan 02, 2018
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Is fully responsible for the Technical Management of Assets.

• Manages the Account Technicians.

• Is fully responsible for meeting all maintenance requirements covered by the contract.

• Determining and sources the necessary means for the successful fulfillment of services.

• Using a “hands-on” approach in helping find solutions to operational and technical problems and improve theperformance of installations.

• Continuously improves performance.

• Validating, analyzing and explaining results and operating data.

• Maintaining accurate and timely engineering expense records and files.

• Maintaining quality relationships with customers, suppliers and sub‐contractors

• Preparing monthly and annual reports

• Organizing staff to achieve maximum efficiency, recommending improvement to systems, procedures and work methods.

• Evaluating the effectiveness of the maintenance works and to make sure corrective actions are being taken promptly,whenever needed.

• Providing training for staff, to evaluate their progress and performance periodically; and ensure that they areworking in the most practical, skillful and safe manner.

• Additional responsibilities as delegated by the Operation Manager.

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