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MEA Logistics Council
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Advertising/ Public Relations
Date Posted:
Jan 08, 2018
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The copywriter is responsible for both the development of original content and the adaptation of existing material as well as the critical role of checking final drafts to ensure that content is following a proper flow, it's user friendly, they have no spelling of grammatical errors, the writing is lucid, easy to read, expressed in fluent and idiomatic English and reflects the organization’s objectives and mission statement. Within the Content Management Unit and in collaboration with the Public and Goverment Affairs (P&G)  department , the writer will be responsible for editing copy and preparing where appropriate original content based on adaption of material and concise briefings from management. Your job will include: Consulting with senior managers to understand communication needs Liaising with relevant departments to ensure full understanding of the material needed in order to make the correct changes and suggestions Proofreading collaterals (Brochures, Flyers, Manuals, Presentations and Booklets) to check spelling, punctuation and grammar, and making the necessary changes Improving the readability of a text and enhancing vocabulary and style Checking and validating facts, statistics and figures to ensure accuracy and correctness Renovating/Enhancing website materials Creating scripts for corporate videos Knowledge of Business and commercial terminology and an interest in the digital economy is most relevant and maintaining and improving such knowledge is an ongoing requirement. More than 7 years experience doing websites. Experience with NGO companies is a plus.

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