Logistic and Supply Chain Coordinator - industrial kitchens

General Information

Job Type:
Clerical/ Administrative
Date Posted:
Feb 15, 2018
1500-1700 USD
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job brief

We are looking for a responsible Logistic and Supply Chain Coordinator to administer and organise all types of projects, from simple activities to more complex plans.

Logistic and Supply Chain Coordinator responsibilities include working closely with our Project Manager to prepare comprehensive action plans, including resources, time frames and budgets for projects. You will perform various coordinating tasks, like schedule and risk management, along with administrative duties, like maintaining project documentation and handling financial queries. To succeed in this role, you should have excellent time management and communication skills, as you’ll collaborate with clients , suppliers and internal teams to deliver results on deadlines.

Ultimately, the Logistic and Supply Chain Coordinator’s duties are to ensure that all projects are completed on time, within budget and meet high quality standards.

Job Domain : Industrial Kitchens
Job Location: Keserwan

- 2 years of experience
- BA in business management Graduate from AUB, LAU or USJ
- Excellent communication skills
- proficiency in English language
- Excellent time management skills

Company Profile