Senior Hardware Engineer (Electronics)

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Sensio Air
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Date Posted:
Jan 29, 2018
$20K – $100K
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Full-Time Employee


Sensio AIR is a smart allergen and air quality tracker that helps people understand, predict and manage their symptoms while keeping a healthy environment. The patented technology has won several awards around the world including the CES innovation award in 2018.
As a Senior Hardware Engineer, you will work jointly with developers, industrial designers and physicists to optimize the sensor and you will be involved in all aspects of the design, development and manufacturing of the electronic hardware.

You should thrive in fast-paced environments and employ creative problem solving to overcome engineering challenges.
International travel will occasionally be required to meet with important clients and providers.
Some of the tasks we will ask of you include but are not limited to the following:
- Work with colleagues to design new systems, circuits and devices or develop existing technology 
- Test theoretical designs 
- Systematically improve the detailed design of a piece of electronic equipment 
- Prototype, test, iterate, document and improve design 
- Optimise BoM cost and identify second sources 
- Design for manufacture (DFM) 
- Ensure safety regulations are met for certifications 
- Coach and mentor junior members of the engineering team 
- Daily reporting of work using project management tools 
- Write specifications and technical reports 
- Discuss proposals with consultants and partners 
- Follow up with consultants and supervise project advancement
And because a start-up is all about the "hands on" approach: 
- Administrative tasks of all sorts 
- Carry out project planning and prepare budgets 
- Assist in Patent drafting 
- Help in setting up and tending to shows around the world 
- Be a good team player and happy!

Bachelors Degree in Electronics, Electrical Engineering or related fields 
Good knowledge in Analog Electronics
Candidate is required to have experience in the following: 
- design of complex hardware systems including multilayer PCBs 
- ability to debug hardware designs using advanced test equipment 
- familiarity with taking designs into production, including development of manufacturing tests and calibration systems 
- experience with schematic capture CAD tools, their setup and the generation and maintenance of libraries and databases

What We're Building
Sensio Air is a healthcare analytics company that develops a patented technology able to identify in real-time allergens in the air. 
The device, that is paired to a mobile application, allows people with allergies and asthma to understand the air they breathe and to predict and manage their symptoms. 
Sensio AIR has won several awards around the world including CES Innovation award, MIT, Harvard, IE venture day, Hello Tomorrow and Mass Challenge UK; it has also been featured in Forbes, BCC, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Wired, MIT Technology Review...

Hiring in London, Lebanon, San Francisco and Dallas

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