Sales Supervisor

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Feb 01, 2018
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


 Controls the sales representatives’ daily activities e.g. controls their scheduled journey itinerary, required report forms etc ...
 Controls the sales representatives’ performance through the comparison of Targeted Vs actual productivity per brand and customer
 Conducts daily market visits
 Ensures the proper implementation of policies and procedures
 Coordinates and supervises daily sales operations within the specific geographic area
 Ensures optimal sales and distribution of each brand by the sales representatives
 Resolving any problem occurring while delivery
 Monitors all customers sales order and monitors their proper delivery
 Monitors and follows up all A/R related matters in coordination with the sales representatives
 Coordinates with his direct superior on advertising or promotional campaigns to improve the sales operations
 Suggests any changes to the area sales strategy, policies and procedures
 Suggests efficient means for sales performance optimization
 Develops an efficient region sale program to ensure the achievement of the targeted sales forecast
 Handles the case of delayed customer payments
 Monitors the efficient and orderly shelf exposure and product pricing
 Establishes and maintains good relations with potential and current customers
 Provides customers with adequate product information
 Prepares periodic progress reports related to the area sales operations
 Supervises the sales representatives’ work programs and insures their proper execution
 Assumes all authorities outlined in the authorities schedule
 Undertakes any other duties assigned by his direct supervisor
 Conducts statement of account reconciliation
 Follow up on implementation of feasibility drives (contracts of activity; invoicing as per planograms, pictures of display, preparing credit notes)

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