Speech and language therapist

General Information

Job Type:
Health Care/ Pharmaceutical
Date Posted:
Feb 01, 2018
BD 500 Monthly
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Speech and language therapist- job description 
Responsible to: Director/Deputy Director OF AEI
General duties 
The speech and language therapist will be required to: 
·       –  safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people; 
·       –  plan, execute and monitor communication therapy programs for individuals and small groups of pupils with special educational needs; 
·       –  contribute to learning activities and teaching programs for pupils with special educational needs. 
These activities and programs will be delivered to individuals and groups in accordance with local and learning strategies and AEI’s curriculum and policies, both in school and off-site on organised outings; 
·       –  monitor, assess, record and report on the impact of speech and language therapy programs; 
·       –  liaise with class co-ordinators, teaching assistants, lunchtime assistants, students or volunteers both in school and off-site on organised outings; 
·       –  manage speech and language therapy assistants and technicians; 
·       –  undertake other reasonable duties as directed by the head teacher or senior staff – this may include cover for other members of staff. 
Specific duties 
Support for pupils The speech and language therapist will be required to: 
·       –  ensure pupils safety; 
·       –  promote the inclusion, independence and self-esteem of all pupils; 
·       –  establish positive relationships with pupils, acting as a good role model; 
·       –  undertake supervision of communication therapy students on placement; 
·       –  pay domiciliary visits to and liaise with parents/carers; 
·       –  liaise with other professionals/professional bodies outside the school; 
·       –  contribute towards the choice of follow-on placements and preparation of pupils for school transfers; 
·       –  represent the school to visitors or on visits elsewhere; 
·       –  contribute to the assessment procedure; 
·       –  write reports; 
·       –  take responsibility for meetings specific to communication therapy; 
·       –  contribute towards inset days for other staff; 
·       –  attend courses; 
·       –  take responsibility for the appearance and organization of a given therapy area. 
Support for the curriculum 
The speech and language therapist will contribute to the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum and will be required to: 
·       –  contribute to teaching programs and adjust activities according to pupils’ responses; 
·       –  follow programs linked to local and national learning strategies, such as literacy, numeracy and early years; 
·       –  prepare, maintain and use equipment and resources and assist pupils in their use; 
·       –  advise staff on appropriate deployment and use of specialist aids and resources. 
The speech and language therapist will be required to: 
·       –  show awareness of and comply with all of AEI’s policies and procedures, but particularly those relating to child protection, confidentiality, data protection, equal opportunities, health and safety and security, and to report any concerns to an appropriate person; 
·       –  contribute to the overall ethos, aims and work of AEI by establishing and supporting constructive professional relationships; 
·       –  ensure staff deployment is managed according to school guidelines; 
·       –  attend, represent staff you are responsible for, participate in and lead relevant meetings as required; 
·       –  participate in training, other learning activities and professional development as required; 
·       –  deliver and/or participate in off-site activities, visits and trips as required and take responsibility for pupils and staff as necessary; 
·       –  support induction and mentoring training for managed staff; 
·       –  undertake appraisals for managed staff. 
Compensation and Benefits
In consideration of the services to be provided by him hereunder, the Employee, during the term of his employment, shall be paid a base salary of Monthly Salary: BD 300
Housing: 100 Total Package of BD 400/Month  (Total salary plus allowances in local currency BD500 (Five hundred Bahrain Dinars) , One round trip ticket from and to the country of origin on employee per contract term, and medical insurance coverage as required by the labor law of the Kingdom of Bahrain -General Organization for Social Insurance. The CLINIC will provide temporary accommodation and transportation during the first week of employment only. Salary will be paid in local currency.
Duties and Responsibilities

The Employee shall be employed in the capacity of SPEECH/LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST, the current duties and responsibilities of which are set out in Schedule "SLP" annexed .hereto and forming part of this agreement. These duties and responsibilities may be amended from time to time in the sole discretion of the Employer, subject to formal notification of s

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