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Mena Marketplace
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Feb 11, 2018
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Full-Time Employee


Account Manager – Job Description

A: Contact existing publishers for:
• Contract signatures / make sure to pressure publishers on finalizing contract before we start monetization. We cannot do business before we sign the contract together.
• Make sure each publisher follows the correct revenue share stated in the contract
• New product updates and integration
• Get approval for new product integration, therefore, selling skills required over the phone to speed up the process. After the call recap email should be shared as a confirmation of the discussion with the publisher.
• Chasing and following up with the publisher’s POC on the implementation of tags by their tech team, such that AMs support the adops internally and speed up the process. After 3 follow-ups from Adops – the AMs jump in with a call to speed up.
• Inventory drop;
1. First check the history of supply from that publisher from DFP
2. Check the report from DFP of supply and monetization to see if the supply you will ask for is relevant or not
• Relationship maintenance
• Weekly calls and meetings
• Weekly email updates to share the following reports*;
1. Revenue
2. Viewability
4. Inventory drop

*It is extremely important to have a full understanding of the reports you are sending such as the metrics and acronyms used to be able to explain to the publisher if needed.
B: Contact NEW publishers for:
• Recruit them on MMP (inventorY+ products) and make sure the adops up-date the site list
• Check if their websites are worth on-boarding
• Are there pop up ads?
• Are there more than 5 ad units on one page?
• Is the website content too cluttered (design)?
• Is the website’s content seem to be taken from other websites?
• Have a conversation about the reach and the traffic of the publisher- where is it concentrated the most and see if the publisher would be willing to give us his inventory. If not, then we can always ask for the rest of the geos that he might not be monetizing.
• When sharing the new publisher news with adops for integration purposes, make sure to mention which vertical this new publisher falls under.
• Set up floor prices and communicate with adops
C: Reporting:
• Status sheet update
• Site list update when there is a new publisher onboard
• Verticalize the new websites
• Remove websites that we no longer work with
• Inventory drop report from Adops
• Viewability report from adops
• Consolidate reports and share with publishers: viewability (moat), revenue and inventory drop, data (lotame)
• Monthly reporting on verticals available in our supply v/s demand received. What type of brands are spending with us? Do we have enough inventory to support all those brands? Should we contact new publishers to add supply?
• Ultimately, drive high customer satisfaction 

D: Product Knowledge:
• Cover all Google University training for DBM and Adex
• Training for MOAT
• Basic understanding of the integration process (ex. Tag from moat goes to publisher etc)
• What metrics will you be able to provide the publisher with
• Viewability on standard formats, video
• Ad fraud
• Viewability Measurement
• Attention Measurement
• Viewability Diagnostics Measurement
• Invalid Traffic Measurement
• Traffic Diagnostics Measurement
• Alerts Dashboard
• Real-Time UI
• How will this generate more revenue for the publisher
• Agencies are setting up benchmark viewability rates on their deals so they would automatically remove any website which falls below 50% (70% by Q4)
• Being MOAT verified would allow you to be part of PMP’s- in the future

• Basic understanding of the integration process
• What reports should the publisher expect
• How can the publisher use the data we are extracting for him?
• How will this make more revenue for him?

• Rich Media/JPX
• Understanding the integration steps
• Knowledge of all formats’ names and sizes
• Rich media would allow extra formats on your website which won’t affect existing standard formats
• High impact formats yield higher CPM’s, thus higher revenue for publisher and us

E: KPIs for success
• Timelines for each integration
• A timeline will be set
• Monetary target for each publisher (Tier1)
• Target on number of existing publishers contacted per week
• Number of new publishers contacted to onboard them
• Ideally, provided with a thorough list of publishers for them to contact and then setting this target
• Healthy website – share feedback with publishers to ensure high performance
• Monetization increased week on week for your portfolio
• same as monetization targets above
• Know the publications of each publisher and the respective Geo reach strength
• Liaising with demand and supply
• When integrating new publisher, make sure to highlight this to demand
• Could send weekly emails mentioning new publishers integrated and their geo strength and the vertical it falls under
• Share learnings and metrics wit

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