IT Specialist

General Information

Job Type:
Information Technology
Date Posted:
Feb 12, 2018
800$ + 8000 LBP transportation
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Monitor and assist staff to install and configure all IT products for all desktops and laptops and perform troubleshoot on all client hardware and software to resolve issues.
• Analyze and inform staff on all limitations and working of all software systems in company portfolio and assist to install and configure new systems and execute all network solutions and provide routing and firewall as per requirement.
• Assist end users through phone on all hardware, software and network issues, monitor, and resolve all IT requests within required timeframe and provide training to staff to assist in all IT equipment set up.
• Maintain and operate all hardware in conference room and coordinate with all vendors to resolve all technical issues for desktop printers and software and monitor all computer systems and associate peripheral equipment.
• Perform all shutdown procedures, manage all data center equipment and systems, maintain log of all shift activities, perform all required repairs, and assist users to resolve all application issues in hardware and software systems.
• Provide exceptional IT support to all projects and recommend effective strategies to reduce downtime for all clients and assist to install and configure all software to provide end user support to all programs.
• Assist in all software installations and perform troubleshoot on all processes as required and install and perform troubleshoot on all remote access in coordination with staff and maintain all life replacements.
• Monitor all resolutions, prepare records, ensure compliance to all vendor specifications, repair procedures, assist to install and configure various systems, and prepare all IT documents.
• Coordinate with telecom administrator to perform installation of all IP phones, administer efficient working of all special projects, and perform troubleshoot on all associate equipment.
• Supervise all helpdesk functions, ensure all work within required timeframe, maintain, and monitor an efficient network system.

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