Recruiting Services

Looking for Talent? HireLebanese can help you find the right professionals. We’ve served 100s of satisfied clients in the Lebanon, GCC and Africa. We’ve worked with companies you know and heard of.

We have two approaches for recruiting:

1.   Full Service Recruiting:
We will pre-screen applicants and refer successful candidates to the employer. Selected applicants shall satisfy the requirements specified by the employer. Shortlisted candidates will be scheduled for interviews and we will follow up with the process till the end. We guarantee your satisfaction for the probation period or we will find a replacement at no extra cost.

2.   Open Recruitment Day (ORD):
ORD is more cost effective and has a quicker turn around but it is not for everyone. ORD is designed to fill one or two high volume positions. We will advertise and manage the event and bring candidates for on the spot interviews.  We charge a flat fee per ORD.

Some examples for Open Recruitment Day:

A.       If you need 5-200 waiters

B.      If you need 10+ bank tellers

C.      If you need 10+ junior engineers

D.      If you need 10+ receptionists for your hotel     

E.       If you need 10+ flight attendants

F.       And more…

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