Assistant Principal

General Information

Job Type:
Education/ Training
Date Posted:
Sep 10, 2018
$2000 Monthly
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Assistant Principal
Job Description
Overall Responsibilities
• Maintain clear vision, purpose and high expectations focused on student achievement
• Inspire, motivate and influence staff to reach the highest standards in all respects
• To be a good role model for all staff and students and be a visible, supportive and challenging senior leader
• With the Deputy Principal (Curriculum) be responsible for monitoring and acting the quality of teaching and any CPD requirements across school
• Co-ordinate the training of all ITT students placed at Bedford Free School acting as the link person with our various ITT providers
• Monitor the induction and progress of new staff
• Undertake rigorous self-evaluation and use the findings effectively
• Plan and lead whole staff training as required Teaching, Learning and Assessment
• Work with the Deputy Principal (Curriculum) to monitor the quality of teaching within the school
• Participate in and at times, lead internal subject reviews including setting targets for development and feeding back to department heads
• Provide coaching to teachers in a range of circumstances including for performance management
• Develop the newly embedded teaching aspect of performance management to ensure all staff are challenged to improve every year
• Advise the senior team of relevant developments within teaching and learning
• Work with the Deputy Principal (Curriculum) to further refine the new approach to
assessment at Key Stage 3
• Identify and train (if necessary) mentors for NQTs and design the NQT induction
programme throughout the year
• Be an excellent teacher of your specialist subject
BFS – JD – Teacher (Final) January 2015
Staff Recruitment and Development
• Promote the school actively to potential staff and play a key part in the recruitment of new teaching staff
• Oversee aspects of the school CPD calendar, identifying areas of priority and designing appropriate training
• Lead the Core T&L Team and work with them to improve the quality of teaching across the school
• Work closely with department heads to support their work in developing teaching in different curriculum areas
• Secure the placement of high quality trainee teachers at BFS and develop further our existing partnerships with local ITT providers
• To be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of students and for raising any concerns in line with School procedures
Equality and Diversity
• To be responsible for promoting equality and diversity in line with School policies and procedures
Health and Safety
• To be responsible for following health and safety requirements in line with School policies and procedures
Training and development
• To participate proactively in training and development including qualification development required in the job role
Other responsibilities
• To undertake as required other duties and responsibilities relevant to the job as directed by the Principal
Monthly Salary of $2000 Monthly
Monthly Housing of $1000
AirTicket per contract term
2 year contract

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