Office Manager

General Information

A.R.Jubaili & Co.
Job Type:
Clerical/ Administrative
Date Posted:
Jan 02, 2019
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Principal Duties and Responsibilities

- Maintain office services by designing and implementing office policies, establishing standards and procedures, organizing office operations and procedures, Supervising office staff, Controlling and following up correspondences with all departments to ensure job is done.
- Supervise office staff by assigning and monitoring clerical and secretarial functions; delegating responsibilities among the staff and ensuring that no staff member is overloaded with work. If that is the case, the office manager either reshuffles the responsibilities of the various staff members or else recruits new staff to even out the workload.
- Recruiting and selecting office staff by supervising them and evaluating their performance; in addition to drafting job descriptions. Office manager evaluates, assesses and manages the performance of each employee and plays a crucial role in their promotion by writing reports to the senior management.
- Maintain office records and archiving system by ensuring that filing systems are maintained and up-to-date (applying procedures for record retention and destruction); ensuring protection and security of all the files and records. In addition to ensuring their effective transfer to/from the archiving room.
- Responding to customer enquiries and complaints.
- Arranging travel and hotel accommodation to all the employees.
- Preparing quotations for the clients and follow up accordingly.
- Meeting and greeting visitors at all levels of seniority;
- Organizing and maintaining diaries and making appointments;
- Attending internal meetings and preparing MOM and ensuring a proper follow up until tasks’ accomplishments.
- Supervise the purchasing department (check IMR, PO’s, comparison sheet, follow up for delivery, updated register, suppliers’ visits. . .)
- Supervise the maintenance department (check on-calls; date of call received and date problem solved; check maintenance contracts and maintenance team schedules, follow up until tasks are fully done)
- Handle Sales Manager’s duties (checking all sales reports and follow up with sales reps accordingly, check our competitors’ products and prices, search for potential clients, handle to sales reps and set meetings with them accordingly, supervise the sales meeting every week, check sales reps’ problems and weakness and work on improving/solving them accordingly. . .)
- Handle all HR duties (checking attendance, leave requests, recruiting, drafting job descriptions, probation period evaluation, exit interviews. . .)
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