Procurement Officer

General Information

Hartec S.A.L
Job Type:
Accounting/ Finance
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Jan 21, 2019
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Brief Description: Managing and negotiating local & International suppliers as well as developing purchasing strategies which meet budgetary and other operational requirements of the company. Oversee all daily operations of the Purchasing department, ensuring policies and procedures are followed. Planning, implementing and monitoring overall procurement supply chain strategy. Coordinate with heads of Sales, Production, Warehouse & logistics in order to maximize the process efficiency & optimize time delivery.
Duties & Responsibilities
• Liaises with key company employees to determine their product and service needs.
• Monitors business trends and product availability to the best price for company goods and services without sacrificing quality or delivery times.
• Nurtures relationships with suppliers to negotiate the best prices for company.
• Identifies and researches potential new suppliers.
• Researches new products and services to meet company's goals.
• Assesses total costs of company purchases.
• Develops and implements strategies for procuring/services and maintaining stock levels.
• Liaise closely with Sales, Logistics & Plant managers.
• Create all procurement related reports on regular basis utilizing enterprise resource planning (ERP) & material requirement planning (MRP) and present them to upper management.
• Conduct short- and long-term planning and inventory analyses for raw material in order to maintain acceptable inventory levels.
• Cost & Quality oriented. Identifying problematic areas and suggesting improvements.
• Coordinate with the logistics department the most cost-effective shipping schedules plans.
Requirements & Personal Skills:
1- Bachelors or Master's Degree in Business, Supply Chain Management.
2- Five years of experience in Local/International procurement in the industry of automobile spare parts and accessories, wheels, or any similar industry.
3- Understanding of Supply Chain Management Procedures & Logistics Skills.
4- Bilingual (Arabic & English), Lebanese National.
5- Extensive experience in ERM software.
6- Superior Organizational Skills & Good Business Instincts.
7- Mastery in closing deals. Good Negotiator.
8- Financial Analytical skills & Strategic planning abilities.
9- Strong communication & Reporting skills, Excellent Written and Oral Communication Skills.
10- Inspired and enthusiastic.
11- Aggressive and Cost achievement oriented.

About us
HATCO brand was introduced in early 2013 to the International market. The brand with a rich tradition and more than 75 years of experience is known across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia as one of the leading brand for wheel balancing weights. HATCO product assortment offers guaranteed quality for best work results and it includes – in addition to universal passenger car wheel balancing weights – also passenger car valves, tools and other wheel accessories.
HARTEC is a wheel weight manufacturer that has developed the most innovative and comprehensive product lines in the industry under its brand name HATCO®. With quality-minded management, Hartec offers a comprehensive range of HATCO Wheel Balancing Weights to its customers. HATCO wheel balance weights combines a long tradition and history with a young mindset of an internationally strong growing brand. This is paying off. For many years, our products have been setting worldwide standards.
All HATCO balancing weights are manufactured according to the high demands of automotive manufacturers. By that, you as our customer can rely on balancing precision and long-lasting balancing performance and create yourself satisfied customers with perfect working results straightaway.
Quality is in the details. To build an impeccable reputation of high quality as a manufacturer, you must start with superb raw materials and end with exceptional on-time delivery to the customer. In between lies a multitude of production steps, all of which must be planned and executed utilizing modern, fully automated production systems. HARTEC wheel weights guarantees that its products will meet and exceed the highest quality standards in the industry. We are committed to ensuring your success.

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