Seeking Promoters _ Tripoli Branch

General Information

Crystal Mobile Communication
Job Type:
Lebanon - Tripoli
Date Posted:
Mar 29, 2019
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


1. Perform direct marketing and sales activities to generate sales as per dept. manager’s instructions and pre-set plan.
2. Present to customer the latest updated offers issued and prepared by the department manager.
3. Invest high skills and professional manners with customers to increase sales in the shop and present an impressive image about the company.
4. Be a quick responder to inquiries and ensure a proper follow-up process with customers via e-mail, text messages or phone calls.
5. Maintain the existing customers and develop new customers.
6. Be a qualified trust service / info provider with full knowledge of products.
7. Monitor and report on activities and serious issues to the line manager directly seeking his guidance and advice.
8. Understand the principles of marketing and sales including product offer development, features-benefits-solutions selling.
9. Develop a computerized customer and prospect database.
10. Implement the sales strategy within the salespoint.
11. Responsible of the proper display of the products in shop.
12. Make sure all the required quantities are displayed avoiding stock shortage.

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