RF/Microwave engineer

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Maxwell Innovation Lab
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Date Posted:
Feb 04, 2019
2200 $ - 2400 $
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Full-Time Employee


This role requires a strong mix of technical and theoretical skills to work on the design of RF solutions.

Your designs will encompass a variety of RF components including: switchers, power amplifiers, oscillators, filters, and more specifically RF resonators. The ideal candidate will have an experience with RF systems/sensors.

An experience with material characterization in the frequency band up to 20 GHz is a plus.

In addition, the candidate shall have a hands on experience with EM simulation tools and microwave test equipment.

You will be a member of a small (1-10 person) multi-disciplinary team of engineers and regularly interfacing with manufacturing companies to ensure that all specifications are met.

--> Job Requirements:

- Design of RF (Radio Frequency) and Microwave devices including cavities, resonators, filters,
switchers and oscillators- various EM simulation tools may be used.
- Analyze a given RF, mechanical, and environmental specifications and propose and design the
best solution.
- Perform material characterization to extract electrical characteristics of different dielectric
- Understand and specify manufacturing requirements and manage the construction of
- Follow-up with manufacturing companies to ensure that all specifications are met.
- Prepare design and process documentation including:
o Schematics
o Assembly
o Test procedures
o Select and specify components used in the design and production of the product.
- Develop and execute test plans to evaluate product performance and reliability.
- Evaluate data related to test results and work with the team to conduct failure analysis to
implement changes to meet requirements.
- Create and submit reports to other engineering teams as well as managers to coordinate product
launch activities.

- Research new technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes.
- Plan and schedule project deliverables, goals, and milestones.
- The individual must be adaptable and have excellent communication skills to coordinate
throughout all phases of development.
- Experience for at least 3 years or a Ph.D in RF design and EM simulation tools.

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