senior accountant

General Information

A.R.Jubaili & Co.
Job Type:
Accounting/ Finance
Date Posted:
Apr 01, 2019
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Principal Duties and Responsibilities

- Control all accounting transactions (invoices +purchases +payments +receipts +journals ).
- Data entry: journal vouchers + payment vouchers .
- Controlling all the transactions related to stock (in &o ut transactions transfers)
- Cost control.
- Projects cost controlling & invoicing.
- Controlling cash & cheques.
- Paying phone bills for BLF & Cell & Medco invoices at Med bank .
- Issuing clients bills and controlling the maturity dates.
- Negotiation with clients (projects ) for the terms of payments .
- Bank reconciliation (BBAC-MED BANK-BLF).
- Bank transfers letters .
- Suppliers reconciliation .
- JIMCO & ARJ reconciliation end of every month.
- Prepare, control & issuing cheques as per terms of payments for suppliers ARJ +JIMCO
- Responsible of liters plus (issuing & cancellation cards and the limit of fuel filling).
- Prepare, control and pay the followings (social security, income tax and VAT )
- Prepare, control & pay the Payroll.
- Prepare attestations.
- Prepare end of service legal forms for the social security for the employees who left the company.
- Controlling inventory end of the fiscal year.
- Closing year entries & reconciliation the chart of account.
- Printing the journals & the inventory on the stamped papers form the financial ministry end of the year.
- Fixed assets Depreciation (official & unofficial ).
- Preparing the financial ministry forms as R6 R3+R4, CH3+4)
- Coordinate with auditor and the financial ministry auditors .
-Responsible for all legal issues-documents related to the 2 companies (براءة ذمة ضمنان، اذاعات تجارية، جمعيات عمومية، إعتراضات المالية الخ....)
- Magnolia bldg –issuing checks & prepare the accounting reports.
- Negotiate all deals with the bank (LCs ,LGs, liquidated bills, car loans, company loans, etc…)
- Supervising Senior Accountants, Accountants , store keeper and credit controller.
- Controlling the receivables .
- Preparing financial statements (Balance sheet / profit & loss, cash flow) the real ones and the ones for Wilson & bank
- Back-up for most of departments on terms of payment for clients, suppliers, how to calculate interest on client’s offers, etc…
- Answering suppliers nagging and negotiation on payment schedules.
- Sending financial reports to the management.

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